Vote for Purple Oak! – We Need Your Help to Win the Favourite Voucher Codes Poll

Vote for Purple Oak! – We Need Your Help to Win the Favourite Voucher Codes Poll

This September, Purple Oak Support are taking part in the charity poll hosted by My Favourite Voucher Codes. All we need is as many votes as possible to win a donation!

Every month the money saving website My Favourite Voucher Codes donate 20% of their profits for charity. They don’t know which charity it will be until the end of the month, as the public gets to vote in their charity poll for the charity they want to see win!

This charity poll has 4 nominated charities per month that people can vote for to win the donation, and this month, Purple Oak Support are one of the lucky charities chosen to be part of the poll!

That’s why we need your help – to secure as many votes as possible and win the donation.

It is free to vote, everyone gets 1 vote and there is no need to enter any details to vote. 

How Can I Vote for Purple Oak Support?

You can vote in just 3 easy steps. 

  1. Visit the My Favourite Voucher Codes website 
  2. Scroll down until the charity poll becomes visible on the right hand side*
  3. Vote for Purple Oak Support.

*The poll will appear at the bottom of the page on mobile.

Every vote counts, so don’t forget to share the poll with friends and family. If we win this donation, we can empower more people with disabilities, mental health issues and other needs through our specialised support services. 

Who Are My Favourite Voucher Codes?

My Favourite Voucher Codes are a small UK business who offer free online voucher codes to shoppers. They work with several large and small retailers, providing discounts on everything from dinner plates to dinosaur pyjamas! Plus, every voucher spent helps increase the amount donated to charity. So far, over £64,000 has been raised for good causes. 

So vote for Purple Oak today and help us to provide essential practical and wellbeing support to those in need. 

                                                                 Thank you!